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Draft a QB? The Bucs? nah

Rick Stroud from the St. Petersburg Times reports "Coach Gruden isn't so sure the Notre Dame quarterback has lost luster."

Obviously he's referring to Brady Quinn; who by all accounts may fall in the Bucs lap with the 4th pick in this years NFL Draft. This would be a monumental mistake in my opinion for the Bucs. The only QB in this draft the Bucs should be interested in is JaMarcus Russell and it would have to take a TON of dumb luck for that to happen.

As for Quinn; nothing against the guy personally, BUT what did he do at Notre Dame to warrant the 4th overall pick in the draft? Is he better than a Matt Leinart from a year ago? No! Has he done anything at Notre Dame to show that he is worthy of a top 5 pick? He gloats about being coached by an NFL coach in an NFL system . . . OKAY did you do anything with that opportunity. You can make a case that his defense was suspect, but Derek Landri and Tom Zbikowski would surely argue that; especially when Quinn had argueably the 2nd best receiver in the country in Jeff Samardzija and a top flight running back in Darius Walker. hmmm nope sorry, pass.