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Boys and Girls . . .

...UPDATE... IGN reviews MLB 2K7 here and it's not so pretty : (

Today is like Christmas Ladies and Gentlemen . . . 2K Sports' MLB 2K7 and Sony Computer Entertainments' MLB The Show 07 have hit the shelves today nationwide!!!! Obviously I can't review these monsters now(i havent had the time to play them); that would be a complete dis-service to both efforts, but I do promise to have a review up by the weekend.

For those that have been longing for an EA Sports MVP baseball remake; well do I have news for you:
MLB 2K7 has employed one of MVP's developers, which you can read right here.

As for MLB The Show 07; THE BEST THIRD BASEMAN IN THE LEAGUE IS ON THE COVER IN DAVID WRIGHT (this is undebatable by the way) . . .

beg your mom, your girlfriend, or your sinister self to get these games and as always. ENJOY!!!