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Buc's trade up to get him??

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune is suggesting that the Bucs may trade up in the draft to sign . . . wait for it . . . a little longer . . . hold up wait a minute let me . . .

OKAY, Joe Thomas!!align="right"

Calm Down already!!  We KNOW this will not happen; if it did it would have to come after several FAILED attempts at landing Free Agents.  Young offensive linemen are nice, but we have TWO already in Davin Joseph and Jeremy Trueblood.  Now we've heard all season how the Bucs have $22-$30 million in cap space.  Here's a suggestion:  Use it on the O-Line!!!  It's rare for an O-Lineman to come right out of college and have success; unless your last name is Pace.

Check out the list of Free Agent O-Lineman:

Max Starks RFA - Steelers
Leonard Davis UFA - Cardinals
Mike Gandy UFA - Bills
Eric Steinbach UFA - Bengals
Jordan Black UFA - Kansas City Chiefs
Chris Gray UFA - Seattle Seahawks
Ryan Lilja RFA - Indianapolis Colts There's plenty more here at Greg Davis' 2007 Nfl Free Agent's page.

The deal with Restricted Free Agents (RFA) is that the Bucs can offer them a deal; then the FA's club can either match that deal and retain the FA or let him go to the Bucs in return for a 2007 Draft Pick.

UnRestricted Free Agents can sign where ever their wanted without the signing team losing any draft picks, which is the way to go honestly, but at the same time the Bucs do have TWO Draft picks in the second round.  I'm sure Cadillac and Simms wouldnt mind the Bucs losing ONE second round pick if it meant they could sure up the line.