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Calvin likes the Bucs

Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel quotes Calvin Johnson as saying "I could definitely see myself fitting in there", referring to the Bucs.

I can't help but feel like were setting ourselves up for a HUGE let down by targeting Calvin Johnson as our only potential 1st round draftee.  I've never seen this fan base so collectively geared up over one potential piece to the puzzle.  Even the writers and draft experts have been plugging Calvin Johnson in with the 3rd/4th pick to the Bucs ... hopefully they're all right.  Calvin would definitely help out Chris Simms with his 6'5 235 lb. frame.  I guess as a Mets fan; I saw first hand how gun-ho the entire fan base was on signing Barry Zito and how confident we were that it was meant to be; only to be brought back down to reality.  I guess that's why the draft/free agency are so alluring: ANYTHING can HAPPEN.