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so the Bucs signed David Boston - again

Espn's Len Pasquarelli reported a while back that the Bucs have once again signed former pro bowl wide receiver David Boston to a one year contract.

You can tell by the title of this post that I'm not the least bit enthused about this signing. I don't typically complain about things of this nature (small in relation to the grand scheme of things), BUT what is the point?

David Boston could NOT beat out Ike Hilliard and lets be honest; Michael Clayton so then WHY is he given another shot, much less a roster spot? Especially on a team that in the past has been fiscally strapped.

It's like going to the grocery store. You waltz up to the counter with what you thought would be a couple bucks worth of items and then you realize the few items that you bought actually added up to a good amount of coin. The same rationale goes for the Bucs.