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ALSTOTT: May want to Return in 07'

In a report from the Tampa Tribune's own Roy Cummings and Ira Kaufman, Mike Alstott's wife said "Mike has decided he wants to come back in 2007 and play football".

This is great news for Buc fans. Mike Alstott is clearly a fan favorite and is one of the few remaining parts from the Super Bowl Championship team. Jon Gruden welcomes the return of Alstott; which is surprising considering the lack of playing time Mike has seen since Gruden took over as Head Coach. To Jon's credit, Mike has had several concussions and recently came back from a career threatening injury, so in my eyes I see no harm in Gruden playing Alstott sparingly while trying to avoid being "The Coach" that over used Alstott and threatened the rest of his future.

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