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Theismann thinks the Bucs will improve with Simms back behind the wheel

Katherine Smith of the Tampa Tribune reports that Joe Theismann thinks the Bucs will be better solely because of a healthy Chris Simms lining up behind center.

I would have whole heartedly agreed had the upcoming season been 2005, but reality sets in and I realize 2007 is upon us. Don't get me wrong, I love Chris Simms. I'll even let you in on a secret: I hoped and well, wished that Brian Griese would go down with an injury; so that Simms would once again get another chance. I just hate to see a "heartless" veteran steal reps from what could be our franchise QB in Simms. Then 2006 occured. I mean, what positive do we even have to build upon? Oh, that its over. Okay back to the point. Let's all think back to Simms limited play this past season? It wasnt that rememorable was it? Maybe it was the ungodly amount of batted down balls at the line of scrimmage or maybe it was the lack of consistent offensive drives, but forgive me if I'm not overly confident in SIMMS coupled with GRUDEN. I'm not sure if it was the fact that Chris had limited reps in the pre-season and carried it over to the regular season or the fact that Gruden continued to run short routs just to check the leaping ability of our opponents DT's and DE's. Maybe it was the lack of Shotgun being implemented within the playbook. All I know is Simms' performance was vomit inducing; especially coming off a season in which he met ALL expectations.

Simms limited performance from 2006:

Chris Simms Att Comp % Yrds Sck Yds Lost TD Int % Long Rating PD
vs Ravens 29 17 58.6 133 2 20 0 3 10.3 27 30.5 13
at Falcons 53 28 52.8 313 1 2 0 3 5.7 55 47.1 13
vs Panthers 24 13 54.2 139 1 10 1 1 4.2 27 67.9 5

Although Simms struggled his first two games (one of which featured a playoff squad); he really focused against the Panthers which can be noted by the vast decrease in Passes Deflected and of course by the lack of interceptions thrown. Unfortunate events derailed the rest of Simms 06' season as we all know; which is why coming into 2007 is such a question mark. Which Simms will we get? A skiddish, not looking to take a hit Simms? A Simms who can't seem to complete a 5 yard slant to save his life OR will we see the Simms that stands tall in the pocket and disregards his own life to help his teammates, coaches, and fan base get the win. This is why WE as fans can't wait for 07' to begin . . .