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Tampa Bay Buccaneers have no chance against the Packers or Cowboys

Jeffri Chadiha of gives a little "Stretch Drive" run down of what the Playoff Bound teams in the NFL need to do in order to make and sustain a playoff run. Jeffri has the following to say about our Bucs chances:

"The Bucs aren't good enough to play with Dallas and Green Bay, but they'll win at least one postseason game."

Great, so we'll win our one Home Playoff Game and pack it in when it comes time to face the Packers or Cowboys. I guess we might as well jump into our NFL Draft preparation for the off-season then. I heard this all off-season and even got laughed at by a Sports Talk Radio host when I said the Bucs would finish (10-6). I know we don't have a win over any of the big boys to help my case, but this team has been so resilient this season. I have a feeling they'll find a way to get it done.

I don't know why I let articles like this get to me, the same notion was repeated earlier this season when a ESPN Preview to the first Bucs-Saints match-up read "Winning in Tampa should be a `Brees' for Saints" we all know how our Bucs faired...