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Extend Head Coach Jon Gruden's Contract? You want to do what?

Gary Shelton of the St. Pete Times advocates for the Glazers to extend Head Coach Jon Gruden's contract after his Coaching performance thus far this season. Shelton says:

"A dozen games into a hot-seat season, and it is time that Gruden got what was coming to him. This week, perhaps next, the Glazers should pull him in, sit him down and shove a pen in his direction. After that, they should invite him to sign a contract extension. Gruden has saved his job. He has done enough, and his team has won enough, to silence even the harshest of his critics"

You're kidding right? My goodness, this was a Hot Seat Season for a reason. We're 3/4's of the way into the season and we're talking about giving Gruden a contract extension? What has he done to deserve such insanity?

Sure we're (8-4), on the way to the Playoffs, and alot better than the Main Stream Media thought we would be, BUT let's let the season play out before we give the keys to the city to Gruden. What happens if we lose out the rest of the way and miss the playoffs? Are you gonna pull the extension back? If we do make the Playoffs, we know its going to take a miracle to win the Superbowl. Given a HEALTHY Team next season, a Superbowl run should be inevitable, why not wait and see how Jon does in his final year of his contract?

I know Gruden is on the verge of having 3 Division Titles in 6 years and he won a Superbowl in his first season here, but until this season it seemed as if we had NO DIRECTION, that Gruden was going to continue his stubborn ways and not bend to help make his team better. Thus far he has made the necessary adjustments and for that I'm thankful, but lets finish the job....