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If you're looking to kill time before Sunday, Checkout MLB's Offseason and DRaysBay

If you find yourself becoming bored while waiting for the work week to end and the Bucs and Texans to begin. I can't urge you enough to checkout your favorite MLB Team's Blog featured by SBNation. Checkout DRaysBay for all of your Tampa Bay Rays Off-Season Moves..... OF's Delmon Young and Elijah Dukes have already been sent packing this off-season, who's next?

I'm a Mets fan to the core, so I'm still and probably will continue to wait for a nice acquisition to come down the Trade Pipes, Thanks Omar. Just stay away from Livan Hernandez and any thoughts of dealing Jose Reyes, Ollie Perez, or John Maine.... How about the Marlins dealing Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to the Tigers, WOW ..... The MLB Off-Season you gotta love it. The Braves former CF Andruw Jones may sign with the Royals, hah, good luck Druw... Who will finally win the Johan Santana sweepstakes, the Yankees or the Red Sox? Maybe the Twins hold on to the Ace Pitcher...