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One Player vows to improve, another is agitated he can't show his growth

Bucs Cornerback Phillip Buchanon got beat on a 40 yard pass reception by Saints WR Marques Colston and a couple plays later had a 4 yard Touchdown Pass caught on him by Saints WR Terrance Cooper. To that, Buchanon vows to get better and improve his play making ability:

"I had bad technique. It was a situation where I just beat myself," Buchanon said. "There was just some other things going on and I feel like I left plays out there on the field. At the same time, I expect so much from myself. I'm happy we won the game. That was our main objective. I'm better than that. I'm not going to try ... I am going to improve this week," Buchanon said. - Tampa Tribune

Could having to play two positions be getting to Phillip? Nah, I don't think so either.... He should continue returning punts, in fact he should take over Ike Hilliards duties as well.

On the flip side, Recently acquired RB Michael Bennett is a little aggravated about his lack of playing time:

"At least where I was in Kansas City, I was getting about 15 to 20 plays a game, which is OK," Bennett said. "I come here and expect just to play. I didn't expect to come in, start and take over, because Earnest Graham does a great job... I'm still learning, but my thing is, I feel like I have learned enough to at least get on the field for a few plays" - Tampa Tribune

Whats Bennett crying about? He had one carry and one reception Sunday against the Saints, that sounds like a few plays to me, heh. Bennett almost sounds like he'd rather be playing for the (4-8) Kansas City Chiefs..... I guess you got to love his competitive spirit.