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Would you SIT QB Jeff Garcia?


Gruden's thoughts on Garcia being able to play Sunday:

"He’s a needed guy on our football team," said Gruden. "We need to win another game. We’re in the fight of our lives to win every Sunday and this week will be no different. If Garcia’s cleared to play, he’ll play." -

Several News Outlets, namely ESPN and the St. Pete Times have been reporting that Tampa Bay Bucs QB Jeff Garcia has may-have-had-could-have-probably-doesnt-have a hairline fracture in his back.....

Former Bucs QB Brad Johnson had the same injury years ago and missed three weeks. My question is: Would you sit Jeff Garcia for the next couple ball games and let him heal up to near 100% or would you throw him out there to secure our Playoff run with the possibility of losing him for the duration of the Season?

Given Back-up QB Luke McCown's performance this past Sunday (I'm not confident), but I would allow him to start the next two-three games so Garcia can rest. McCown played the game of his life, but the Saints have a very suspect Defense. Here's our remaining games:

@ Houston (5-7)
Falcons (3-9)
@ 49ers (3-9)
Panthers (5-7)

The Texans would give McCown a challenge (their fiesty despite the record) , but I think he could manage the Storm and secure at the very least 1 win out of our next three games. All we need is another win against a NFC South opponent or for the Saints to lose another game which ever comes first and were Playoff bound.

The Saints still have to play the Eagles (5-7), Bears (5-7), Falcons (3-9), and the Cardinals (6-6). There's no way they'll win out, especially after Sundays debacle.....

I'd rest QB Jeff Garcia and let him play a half or more against the Panthers in our final game of the Season and then get him prepared for a Home Playoff Game.... Try saying that twice without crackin' a grin...