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The Regular Season is Officially OVER for our Tampa Bay Buccaneers!!!

It was an interesting season to say the least. We were able to see LB Barrett Ruud carry former LB Shelton Quarle's torch with flawless ease.

Future Hall of Fame LB Derrick Brooks continued to be as productive as ever

4th Round Draft Pick, Tanard Jackson proved why being overlooked in the draft wasnt such a good idea for the other 31 teams in the NFL.

Head Coach Jon Gruden put forth one of his best Coaching Performances to date and finally overcame the injuries (although they still came like clock work)

We saw Gaines Adams struggle and Greg White emerge as a threat on the line

We got to see the joy of a Garcia-to-Galloway-connection time and time again

Ike Hilliard, I apologize for criticizing you in the off-season. You've earned this Buc's Fans respect...

Michael Spurlock finally ended the Kickoff Returns for Touchdown drought. A 31 year on going ridiculousness ended!

We saw injuries to a number of guys: Caddy, Petitgout, Sabby Piscitelli, Paris Warren, and Mike Alstott to name a few

Earnest Graham emerged as a viable replacement at Runningback, so viable in fact, that Caddy may have a hard time cracking the line-up next season

Most importantly though, we saw this team (players and coaches) come together and battle through injuries to attain their ultimate goal of making the Playoffs. I don't think any of us expect anything more than a Playoff appearance. I would love for us to finally make it past the first round. It was a good regular season, there were a couple games we should have focused more and pulled out Detroit - Jacksonville, but for the most part this team came to play every day and thats all you can ask from a fan's perspective.

With that, here's to the Playoffs and Bring on the GIANTS!!!