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Rookie DE Gaines Adams hit with fine by the NFL

The Bucs Beat is reporting Rookie Defensive End Gaines Adams was recently fined $5,000.00 by the League for his helmet-to-helmet hit on San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Shaun Hill last Sunday.

It's funny to me, because 49ers Defensive Lineman Bryant Young had a helmet-to-helmet hit on QB Jeff Garcia that was just as obvious, yet the league didnt fine him, nor did he get penalized during the game. Gaines has 6 sacks, 37 tackles, 2 Forced Fumble, and 2 Pass Deflections going into Sundays Final game of the season. It's not the type of year Bucs Fans or (I'm sure) Gaines Adams had envisioned, but he is getting valuble experience and you can see that he's finding ways to get to the quarterback as the season goes on.

A year ago, the number one pick in the Draft, in the Houston Texans Mario Williams, had gone through the same rough Rookie Season Gaines has just about finished and Mario has looked ALOT better this season. In fact, he's registered 14 sacks and is a sack away from leading the league.