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Bucs looking past the Panthers to prepare for the New York Giants?

A majority of the Bucs on the Roster would like you to believe they are completely focused on the Panthers this Sunday. There are several key players though, who have an eye on our First Round Match-Up with the New York Giants...

Charles Gonzalez of the Pewter Report relays several players decisions to prepare for the Panthers and the Giants simultaneously. Here's one of those players reasoning for preparing for the future match-up:

"Our commitment throughout the day preparation-wise is on Carolina, but I'm preparing myself to bring film home and start preparing for the Giants. Start to focus on the defense that I'm going to face in two weeks," Garcia said. "That's not to take anything lightly with this weekend, but it gives me a chance - especially considering the possibilities of me playing this week or not - to start to look ahead to that and focus on them a little bit." - Pewter Report

I don't blame QB Jeff Garcia one bit. Not to down play the Panthers, but Sundays game means NOTHING. Sure, with a win the Bucs can sweep the Division (for the first time ever for any NFC South Franchise) and with a win the team would enter the first round of the Playoffs with momentum, but none of that matters if our key players enter the Giants game injured, hobbling, sick or what have you.

Oh Garcia isnt the only Buc looking ahead at facing the Giants:

"It's kind of natural with a playoff game coming, so you are going to naturally look on TV and watch those guys and see what they do," Graham said. "They've played some of the teams we've played, so they're on film. It's pretty natural to do that." - Pewter Report

Raise your hand if you think QB Jeff Garcia, RB Earnest Graham, or WR Joey Galloway should play Sunday? Those raising their hands MUST have tickets to the game Sunday, because there's no way either of those guys should see the field Sunday. Rest up and prepare NOW for the New York Giants.