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Congrats: Buc 'Em Fantasy Football League Champion......

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Brought to you by: CBS Sportsline

And just like that its all over! The First Annual Buc 'Em Fantasy Football League has come to a conclusion. The Champion is none other than "awburn7" .... Not the most catchy Fantasy Team name is it? The final results are all that matters though. Congratulations Adam, you b#$%@&^! You are the Champ for '08!! You definitely deserve it. Adam started the season (0-3) and then NEVER looked back.

Looking at his roster, he clearly won with a team of bandits. Not bad, Not bad. Rookie RB Adrian Peterson was a work horse this season and QB Drew Brees (although his team sucked) gave a pretty consistent performance throughout the year. Okay let me stop, I know your salivating at the thought of your Prizes, heh. The good folks at have supplied you with not one, but TWO Tampa Bay Bucs Posters. One of the team logo and one of RB Cadillac Williams:

In the event, that THAT isnt enough for our Buc 'Em Fantasy Football League Champion... You've got your pick of one of the two shirts below (brought to you by and my BANK Account, heh). One is black with "" on the front and "In Chucky We Trust" on the back and the other shirt is straight forward with on the front chest -pocket- and on the back. That shirt comes in white. If that disgusts you, we have one more shirt that is identical to the black shirt shown below, except the back of the shirt reads "Buc 'Em and Leave 'Em"... Let me know which shirt you would rather have and your size, etc.

Lastly, to show that the Buc 'Em Fantasy League is, well, impressive to win. I will be throwing up a Buc 'Em Fantasy League Sidebar Item, so NOBODY forgets who took the Buc 'Em Fantasy Football League Championship home this season. Okay, I'm done talking. Thank YOU to everyone who participated and thought about participating, but was late to the PARTY!!!!

Thanks again to for the Posters!!!