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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reebok Zero Degrees Jacket, Might need one

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I know a couple of you guys were wanting to get your hands on one of these jackets and currently has two up for bids: Large and XLarge. Don't say I didnt try to help you out!

During the Off-Season I told you guys about some G-R-E-A-T mesh shorts Reebok had put out for the coming season (yes i DID, click here, see, i told you). The welcomed addition was a rear-pocket...

The Official Outfitter of the NFL is back at it. Reebok has released their "Zero Degrees" clothes line. I picked up a Bucs light weight jacket while on my Honeymoon (there's nothing wrong with that). Let me tell you, the jacket is very very nice. Ya'll know how much I hate the Bucs implementation of the bronze color within their fan gear and it rears its ugly head on this "Zero Degrees" Jacket as well, but it actually looks good. Don't believe me? Just look below:

I told you it looked good. The jacket, like I said is light weight and was about $86.00 when taxes and such were added to the final price. I think its perfect for that Florida Weather that doesnt get all that cold, but can supply a nippy month and half or two. On the back of the jacket at the very bottom right corner, it has in writing "NFC South" ... which I thought was a peculiar but nice touch, in the event that I ever forget what division we play in.

Ladies, your guy won't be disappointed with this jacket and you Parents out there would sure put a smile on little Johnnie's face by sticking this jacket under your family Christmas Tree.

If only Reebok could figure out how to contruct decent looking fitted hats...