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Buc 'Em Blog Fantasy League Playoffs Begin Sunday!!!

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The Buc 'Em Fantasy Football Regular Season is OVER and the Playoffs Begin. Sadly enough, yours truly did not make the cut! It would have been lame had I won any way (right), since I'd love to give away some of these prizes we have.. Like this fancy Bucs Poster from

It's been one heck of an NFL Fantasy Season... The Thelonious Monks started the season going something insane like (8-0) and as you'll see below, he did NOT make it into the Playoffs. On the other side of the coin, awburn7 started the season like (0-5) before he turned his fortunes around and you'll have to look below to see if he made it into the Postseason. I basically won two, lost two the whole season. I was lucky to finish (8-6).

Buc 'Em contributer 55Fan ran wild on the Fantasy Season, finishing (11-2), that is impressive and I'd hate to face his squad in the Playoffs... Our only female in the league, CubanChick finished second in her division with a modest (6-8) record.

You knew a league that had a team with a record of (11-2) had to have a team that took the brunt of those losses and that title goes to Ocala Gaggers who finished, (2-11), talk about gagging, hah! Better luck next year buddy. USF BULLS was dominant as well early on, but finished with a (8-5) record.

This league was very competitive though and even had two games that ended in ties (disgusting I know). I just wanted to take this time to Thank everyone for participating and I'm looking forward to getting back up on that horse next season.

Below you'll find the Playoff Bracket and which teams did in fact make it to play another day.

Good luck to 55Fan, FtheBullish, awburn7, and USF BULLS, they will compete today for the chance to Play in the Buc 'Em Fantasy Football Championship next weekend!!!! I'll delve more into the prizes up for grabs once the Championship Match-up is set!!!!

Thanks again to for the Posters!!!