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Bucs currently have a 98.8% Shot at making the Playoffs i.e. Excited yet?

Courtesy of the good folks at, we fans now have a MUCH CLEARER picture/idea (literally) of the Bucs chances of making the Playoffs. I don't know about you, but its time to pop the cork on that Playoff Bottle of Bubbly... I mean, take a serious look up above... Good ahead, I'll wait... did you see that? If we LOSE OUT we still have a 90.9% chance of making the Playoffs. I don't know about you, but that registers a letter grade of "A" at Florida State University, isn't that right Spires? In other words, we are going to the Playoffs, its just a matter of time my fellow fans!!!

Remaining on the Schedule is (3-10) Atlanta, (3-10) San Francisco, and (5-8) Carolina... There's no way we lose all three of those games and I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say "We will win-out the rest of the season". The Falcons would be exorcizing some major demons should they pull off the upset in Raymond James Stadium this weekend. Can you even name the 49ers and Panthers starting Quarterbacks? I didn't think so....

Making the Playoffs is HUGE for Head Coach Jon Gruden... He had to make the Playoffs this season. It didn't matter if Trent Dilfer came back to QB this team (this would be funnier had Dilfer retired already, dang you Trent) Gruden had to make the Playoffs, as did General Manager Bruce Allen. During the Off-Season I thought they had to make the Playoffs AND win a Playoff game to secure their jobs, BUT (yes I'm a wuss), they should hold on to and potentially receive extensions should this team advance past the first round of the playoffs. Congrats Gentlemen, it was a rough road that brought us here, but I think it made it that much more fulfilling. I think the players would agree. Secure our Playoff spot this weekend, would you?

A thank-you is in order for a Mr. Roberts for the link... Thank-You Sir!