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Random Tampa Bay Buc musings

TE Jerramy Stevens will begin a One Game suspension for Drunken Driving charges that stem from his arrest back in September (you gotta wonder when Cato Junes punishment will be handed down)

The Bucs will no longer play the San Francisco 49ers on ESPN's Sunday Night Football next week. The game has been moved from its "Spotlight" Status and is now scheduled for a 4pm Kickoff on Sunday via Fox. That's not ground breaking news, considering the 49ers suck and we'll have wrapped up the NFC South by then (knock on wood) and could potentially be resting key players

QB Jeff Garcia fully participated in today's practice solidifying his status as the Bucs starting QB this weekend.

The Bucs have released Lionel Gates and replaced him on the Active Roster with NFL Draftee Kenneth Darby

FB B.J. Askew will not play this weekend paving the way for the Bucs to re-sign Zach Crockett... You gotta feel sorry for the back packers on this squad.

In closing, I saved a bunch of money by switching over to Geico. Okay so that didnt really happen, but I wanted to add another buc 'em bullet to this frame!