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You thought we had it bad last year, checkout the Falcons

I thought last season was pretty rough finishing (4-12), watching our QB's health dramatically decline, and watching those Lions Draft yet another Wide Receiver. Folks we hadn't even scratched the surface of what a tough year can be like, specifically for a Division Rival in the Atlanta Falcons..... eek!

For starters, their FRANCHISE, EXCITING as EVER to WATCH QB gets caught engaging in one of the most hideous acts ever and then he gets sentenced to 23 months in prison. You knew the season would be grim record wise, but (3-10)? And now this..... Head Coach Bobby Petrino has decided to jump ship and reportedly has accepted the vacant Arkansas job, to join the Collegiate ranks once again. Word is he won't even Coach the Falcons remaining games on the season. Talk about a chump.....

What's next for the Falcons? Well for starters a new Head Coach, potentially a new General Manager (Good Luck Rich) and possibly the departure of DeAngelo Hall to Free Agency..... I hear the TV Channel, Lifetime, has asked team President and Owner Arthur Blank to run a "Based on a True Story" Original Series Daytime Special spanning the Falcons last year as an organization. That would definitely bring house wives and that fan base to tears.

In all seriousness, if you see a Falcons fan in the street, don't turn your head and snicker (wait until he walks past you), look him in the eye and just nod your head. This could have been our fan base..... Head over to The Falcoholic, our Falcons Blog, and wish that Blogger Dave and that fan base your condolences, they need it more than ever. The only thing left is for the League to contract their team, cause just about everything else has happened to them.