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A Cadillac was spotted at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Facilities

Carnell "Cadillac" Williams was spotted at One Buc Place, the Tampa Bay Bucs Training Facility, reports Charles Gonzalez of the Pewter Report. He's begun his rehab on his knee (torn patellar tendon he and KR Mark Jones suffered). Cadillac hasn't been seen in the Bucs Facilities ever since he got injured in the Bucs Week 4 Match-Up against the Carolina Panthers and who can blame him? That injury was hideous looking and had to be demoralizing since Caddy was finally picking up steam and playing up to his standards.

Gruden on having Cadillac back:

"He's back and he obviously misses football tremendously. It's great to have him back and he's a super guy," Gruden said. "He's got a long way to go in his rehab, but he checks in early and he checks out late. It's a grueling process and it's under way and we are optimistic about helping him back." -

The good news is Caddy is walking around without the assistance of crutches or a cane and is focusing on strengthening his knee and leg.

Gruden on Cadillac's deceptive attendance at the Bucs Facilities:

"He's here and you can look around. If you look around carefully you just might see him," Gruden joked. "It's a big facility. If we were at [old] One Buc you wouldn't miss him, but I have no idea what stage of rehab he is in right now or which room he's in, but he's here somewhere." -

One would hope Gruden had closer tabs on his Franchise Running Backs health and on the current stage of rehab he's in, BUT he's probably too busy coaching a PLAYOFF BOUND football team and I can't find any fault in that.