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Sabby the Coaches Assistant?

Sabby Piscitelli, you may have heard of or remember him. He's that young Safety that the Bucs Drafted who showed so much promise alongside fellow Rookie Tanard Jackson throughout Pre-Season. Sabby a Second Round pick has missed action since the Third game of the season with a foot injury. Some refer to him as the "Italian Stallion" .... Head Coach Jon Gruden refers to him as studious or more aptly, an Assistant:

"Sabby is my assistant. He previews the next team, writes reports and is working on the Atlanta Falcons I'm sure right now up in my office," Gruden said. "He's staying on top of things and he's going to be a dynamic player for us. He's fast, learning our defense for the time and we are looking forward to having him here someday." -

Clearly Jon Gruden thinks highly of Sabby and seems to be enamored with him enough to give him assignments like scouting upcoming opponents. How cool would that be? I'd like to see Sabby's notebook and what he's contributed and has to say about the opposition. I'm sure the opposition would as well.