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QB Jeff Garcia to START against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday

QB Jeff Garcia is expected to take the field Sunday at Raymond James Stadium against the Atlanta Falcons. Head Coach Jon Gruden has been receiving heat for being sketchy as to who would start this past Sunday in the defeat to the Houston Texans... He refused to apologize however and I agree with him:

"I don't believe I should apologize, but I don't feel like we have to divulge everything or let everyone know exactly where it is in terms of the timetable for Jeff. We felt it was a two-week injury. ... We feel we did the right thing, the only thing [to do was] to let the injury get better." -

The mejority of the teams in the league hide their hand when it comes to choosing a Starting QB when the teams main starter is under the weather or recovering from an injury, as in Garcia's case. The Falcons recently did it against the Bucs, by not naming Byron Leftwich (aka mistake) the starter during the week when they met just 4 weeks ago.