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Bucs could CLINCH NFC South Tonight.....


You may want to tune into Monday Night Football's Match-Up between NFC South Heavy Light Weights, I kid because I care Dave and Sunil!!!

In all seriousness, should the Falcons pull off the miracle upset and beat the Saints tonight (it could happen if a certain coach decides to call a reverse toss to kill the clock), the Bucs will have clinched the NFC South by default. Not exactly how our players-coaches wanted to secure the division, BUT I'll take it, as will the rest of our fan base.

May the best team win gentlemen!!! If your interested in the Falcons be sure to checkout The Falcoholic our Atlanta Falcons Blog or if your interested in the Saints be sure to checkout Canal Street Chronicles our New Orleans Saints Blog. Dave and Sunil do a great job blogging about their respective teams.