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Bye Week finally finds the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I never look forward to Bye Weeks... My sunday feels lost without the need to watch my Bucs, BUT this season, I was begging for the BYE WEEK to come. I was hating the competition for receiving their Bye Weeks earlier than us.

Injuries have plagued this team like no other. It seems like ever since we won the Superbowl, we've dealt with nothing but injuries. They're not injuries to insignificant players either, these injuries occur like clock work to our playmakers and we all knew we had very few of those to start the season. I guess Gruden and Company arent complaining about it, so let me stop.

Switching Gears

In the off-season, I was asked by:

to provide my prediction for the Bucs Season:

I predicted a record of (10-6) for our Bucs. I even said as much on 1570 The Zone Sports Talk Radio:

Here we sit at the midway point in our season at (5-4). To be honest, I expected us to be better. I said it would be rough early on and that we would eventually hit our stride. I never saw this team having a problem with execution. We let two wins get away, Damn the Lions and Jaguars in all their greatness.... Quinn Gray? Come on!

moving on

The second half of the season is set up BEAUTIFULLY for our Bucs. I know its the NFL and I even said myself you can't just mark wins down in the "should-be-a-win" column, but look at our remaining schedule:

1 Falcons 2-6
2 Redskins 5-3 (got embarrassed by the Patriots)
3 Saints 4-4
4 Texans 4-5
5 Falcons 2-6
6 49ers 2-6
7 Panthers 4-4

Theres only 1 team over .500 in that bunch and they certainly don't scare me. I think the Saints will be a completely different match-up this time around, but the rest of those games are clearly in our favor. Regardless of how you look at it, this second half should be very winable. Can Gruden and Company pull it off? Let's hope so.