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Maybe we should have Drafted T Joe Thomas instead of DE Gaines Adams's Todd McShay recently did a Re-Draft of the NFL's 2007 NFL Draft. He prefaces his new picks with the notion that

"I am a firm believer that you can't truly judge a draft class until at least three years have passed"

But who the heck is gonna wait three years and more importantly, who would care to hear about it?

In McShay's Re-Draft he has the Bucs drafting Wisconsin Tackle Joe Thomas instead of DE Gaines Adams. As you can imagine, the Raiders and Lions take who they really took in real life, JaMarcus Russell and Calvin Johnson aka Megatron. Russell has yet to take the field this season and Johnson has been everything he was thought to have been. The Browns at #3 take a would be Franchise Back in RB Adrian Peterson (who knew?)...

I'm not surprised McShay has the Bucs drafting Thomas, especially with the hindsight to see that Petitgout is gone for the year, BUT what does surprise me is where he would have had Gaines drafted after having watched him this season..... #5 to the Cardinals? Nope. #11 to the 49ers? Nope. He has Gaines (Negative Gains in this case) falling all the way to #17 to the Denver Broncos. WoW... With one start under his belt and 1.5 sacks through this point in the season, there's not much I can argue with at this point. Gaines was the #4 Pick in the Draft. He should have started game #1 first of all and he should have a heck of a lot more production than he does now. I blame the Coaching Staff and Gaines. Hopefully, Hopefully, Hopefully Gaines is able to bust out some where down the line. He has the agility and instincts. Hopefully he continues to start from here on out, because have you guys seen Kevin Carter this season? Thank you...

Wait thats not ALL

There's another surprising, yet satisfying turn in McShay's Re-Draft. He has Rookie Tanard Jackson, jumping from the 4th Round of the Draft to the 1st Round via pick #24 and the New England Patriots. That my friends is BIG TIME respect regardless of who you are. I don't know if I'm more shocked that a National Media guy has noticed Tanard's FINE PLAY or that he had the nads to put Tanard in the first round, even if it is for giggles. Tanard deserves it no doubt.