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QB Jeff Garcia has a SORE Shoulder or Does he?

Add a Sore Shoulder to QB Jeff Garcia's ever increasing list of season injuries OR should we count it? There's been a ton of talk lately about Garcia nursing a sore shoulder. What did he have to say? QB Jeff Garcia says heck no, he's not sore:

"I've been fine all year long," Garcia, 37, said. "It kind of bothers me that that's even brought up because that (sore shoulder) hasn't been an issue. I feel very motivated, very energized, very excited to get back to doing what we need to do and just get back on the field" - St. Pete Times

So there you have it, I guess Jeff DOES NOT have a sore shoulder, lets hope he's right.

Sustained Injuries thus far:

Gash on his non-throwing hand
Bloody lip
Mild Concussion (there was NOTHING Mild about it)
Sore Shoulder

Hang in there Jeff, you can lead this team, if you go down the season is officially over