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Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign KR/CB Keiwan Ratliff

The Bucs recently signed KR/CB Keiwan Ratliff formerly of the defending National Champion Florida Gators (ugh)... Bucs Beat

I remember this guy owning the field in College Ball, he was a 2nd Round pick by the Bengals in 2004 and was recently cut, ouch. I don't expect to see him playing Cornerback, but I do expect him to return punts. I think we'll all vomit if we see former Gator Ike Hilliard lining up to return punts. Phillip Buchanon or Keiwan Ratliff should be the only players pulling those duties, unless of course we sign free agent WR Peter Warrick. You know I had to talk about a former Nole with all this Gator talk.