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Tampa Bay Buccaneers announce Roster Move, kind of

There was alot of anticipation for General Manager Bruce Allen's 5:30pm Scheduled Press Conference Today. Were the Bucs going to officially bring in another Runningback? Who had they lured to Tampa? Mewelde Moore? Corey Dillon? Had they coaxed Tiki Barber out of Retirement?

Nope none of that, they announced the move to send QB Chris Simms to the Injured Reserve List, thus opening up a roster spot on the Active Roster. This should surprise NOONE and should have happened after the Pre-Season when Simms played one series, hah. GM Allen did hint to another roster move for tomorrow:

"We're going to put Chris Simms on injured reserve tomorrow," Allen said during a conference call. This [is] what we feel is the best move for Chris to regain his full strength. We've been very hopeful, as has Chris, that his recovery from from the splenectomy, that he would've recovered by now. It's just taking longer than both Chris and we had hoped for. We'll make another roster move to add a player (Wednesday)." - Bucs Beat

So who will the Bucs add tomorrow? There arent any RB's left on the Practice Squad, so they might bring in somebody from the outside. Who will it be?