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Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Indianapolis Colts Aftermath

Bucs lose 33-14 to the Colts

The picture up above just about says it all. All you can do is scratch your head, realize the Bucs just played the ABSOLUTE BEST Football team in the NFL hands down, and just "Tip your Hat" to Dungy, his players and that fan base. That was a well oiled machine that stuck it to the Bucs with WR Marvin Harrison, RB Joseph Addai, and S Bob Sanders sitting on the sidelines; WOW. Peyton Manning was toying with our defense; picking and choosing which threat he would use to pick up what seemed like 28 or more yards on every throw, sheesh. If you blinked in the first quarter, before you could open your eye lids, the Colts were up 13-0 (Rookie Gaines Adams blocked an extra point attempt to hold the Colts at bay, heh, right) ......

WR Joey Galloway had two critical dropped passes, but that was hardly the reason we lost, the Colts are just a better team, top to bottom. The defense got man handled through the air and on the ground. Rookie Tanard Jackson is about the only defender who should (but wouldn't) hold his head high after sundays performance. He lit up TE Dallas Clark, had several other HARD HITS, and recorded his 1st Career Interception. RB/FB Michael Pittman went down early with a shattered sprained ankle and did not return. I think the Bucs will bring in another running back at this point, whether it be through trade or free agency. I think it's the wrong decision seeing how Earnest should have received the bulk of the carries, while Pittman came in to give Earnest a breather. Plus we might as well see what Rookie RB Kenneth Darby has, plenty of Rookie RB's flourish in this league.

I hope the coaching staff and general manager Bruce Allen do not panic due to the final score of this game. We saw this outcome coming four weeks ago. It was cool to see whether or not we could hang with the crème of the crop, we now know we can't, but we also shouldn't throw in the towel and bring in needless pieces to the puzzle while sacrificing future cap room and draft picks. This is NOT a Super bowl team and the addition of overpaid Free Agents will not help this club. Let's play all of our available personnel and see what we have and build upon it in the off-season. We're not there yet, but we're on the road to getting there and I like that.