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Gameday Thread: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Indianapolis Colts

When: 4:05pm Est Sunday
Where: Indianapolis

The Bucs set their sails on probably the biggest test of the season this Sunday against Tony Dungy’s Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are currently undefeated. The Bucs come into the game with only one loss to the Seattle Seahawks on the road. I wouldn’t say this is a must win in the slightest bit. Buc fans should enjoy the entertainment this game will provide and look forward to the action on the field, because there should be a lot of it. I don’t think a loss really sets back either squad. This will be a fine Build-Upon game, in that we can truly see whether or not the Bucs can hang with an Elite NFL squad and we should be able to see what we have to tweak in order to hang with the Big Boys in this league.

I gotta be honest, I’m a little worried about the in game situations (Donald Penn matched up against a terror in Dwight Freeney, whether our defense can truly slow down the Colts offense, and whether or not Earnest and Pittman will be enough on the ground). I also worry if we do lose (knock on wood), whether the team will lose any confidence when moving on the following week to play the Tennessee Titans. With us sitting at (3-2) I could see that happening, a scenario where the team starts to press (put to much pressure on themselves) and then self destructs much like last year. Let me stop. On to the ….

Injury Report:

For the Bucs:
Questionable: CB Phillip Buchanon (foot), WR Ike Hilliard (ankle), CB Brian Kelly (groin), DE Greg Spires (ankle)

For the Colts:
Questionable: RB Joseph Addai (chest), WR Marvin Harrison (knee), LB Freddy Keiaho (concussion), WR Aaron Moorehead (back), CB T.J. Rushing (hamstring), S Bob Sanders (chest)

Out: WR Roy Hall (shoulder), LB Rob Morris (knee), TE Ben Utecht (concussion)

I hate facing teams that arent 100% in tact. It feels much better to beat the brakes off a team who’s fan base has no excuses, at any rate, it wouldn’t hurt for RB Joey Addai, WR Marvelous Marv Harrison, and S Bobbit Sanders to miss some action sunday. I mean Caddy and Petitgout are gone for the year …… (not that, that has anything to do with anything)

This should be an exciting game, I have several friendly bets on it, hopefully our Bucs can pull it out.

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