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Bucs lose another game due to turnovers

The Bucs lost 24-23 to the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday. In the loss, QB Jeff Garcia threw his first interception of the season, along with two others for good measure. It's hard to get down on Jeff though. Its amazing that he hadn't thrown an interception to this point in the season and you just knew a game like this was in the cards some where down the road. I'm just glad it didnt come against a division opponent.

The Panthers lost yesterday as well, so thats good news, BUT don't get too happy, the Saints have won three games in a row..... This team is reeling and rather than have a much needed BYE WEEK, this unit has to suck it up and face the Arizona Cardinals. After this past sunday, no game is a give me game this season, hopefully the boys can work out the kinks before the Red Birds come to town