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KR Jones Gone for Season, WR Clayton Ankle Sprain, in steps Warrick?

As you've probably heard already, Kick Returner Mark Jones is lost for the season with the same exact injury that Cadillac Williams sustained against the Saints (torn patellar tendon), at least Jones and Caddy can rehab together. You've probably also heard that WR Michael Clayton has a HIGH ankle sprain and is doubtful for Sundays match-up with the Jags and possibly the season.

The Bucs surprisingly used DB Phillip Buchanon in Mark Jones KR spot after Jones went down. They also put WR Ike Hilliard back there as well (please stop). I think we can more than make due with Phillip Buchanon returning punts, BUT if you do that, with CB Brian Kelly gimpy, it's a real gamble you're taking by putting Buchanon in harms way. I was really hoping for a Chad Owens signing, but its looks like the team is not willing to go that route.......

The Bucs have added WR Chad Lucas to the Active Roster and have released recently signed FB Zach Crockett, thanks Zach don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you...... so about our KR/WR Depth Problem

How about signing former Florida State Star, WR/KR Peter Warrick? No, I'm serious, he's apparently interested and excited by the thought of joining the Bucs, what more can you ask for? Pete was an outstanding Punt Returner back in his collegiate days and was decent Returning the ball in the NFL. Its been since 2003 that Peter truly contributed to a football team, but he's only 30 years old. He would clearly be a fan favorite as he's from nearby Bradenton Florida. He also adds depth to the WR Corps. If we can give hacks like Jerramy Stevens and David Boston real playing time, why not Peter Warrick? Save Buchanon and sign Warrick. DO IT BRUCE, JUST DO IT!!!!