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Detroit Lions Blogger comes through with the goods

I asked our Detroit Lions Blogger, Sean, a couple questions about the Lions that I was interested in getting feed back on and here's his responses:

JScott: How has Calvin Johnson played and is he everything you hoped for?

Sean: In the games he was healthy for he was great. He showed off his athleticism on the catch that actually got him injured against Philly. Went up and somehow caught it over 2 defenders but landed squarely on his back. If he can get healthy fully then he should be good to go.

JScott: Is Jon Kitna healthy? What could we expect to see from him this sunday?

Sean: I think he is healthy, but with the way the o-line has played recently that will last only a few plays. He gets drilled on almost every pass because the blocking has sucked so much.

JScott: Kevin Jones is back .... Will he really see the brunt of the work sunday?

Sean: Jones is the starter and will get most of the carries if he stays healthy. Word on the street is that he was limping in practice, but apparently he has done that all year and played fine when he was on the field, so we'll see.

JScott: I'm a FSU Alumni, so I gotta ask about Ernie Sims.... Hows he been off-the-field wise? He had a run in, in college and I was just curious as to how he's matured

Sean: He's been fine so far (knock on wood). The only off the field stuff we hear about him is how he's got such a huge reptile collection with snakes, lizards, etc. Pretty entertaining stuff.

JScott: Dewayne White? Hows he playing this season? I was surprised the Bucs didnt bring him back with our pathetic d-line.

Sean: He's been the best defensive end we have. Against Oakland he single-handedly saved the game with a one-handed INT and then forced a fumble in the fourth quarter. Really since then you haven't heard too much for him but in my mind he's been solid.

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