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Couple Tampa Bay Buccaneers Notes


Gaines is healthy and should start sunday against the Lions

Don't expect to see much of RB Michael Bennett Sunday: "[I'm] just trying to get in and learn things, but again it is a lot. This West Coast system is like me trying to learn Chinese in 48 hours; it's not going to happen" - Bucs Beat. Like I said earlier in the week, see a hole, run through the hole.

Rookie Defensive End Gaines Adams injured his chest in practice this week and is questionable for Sundays match-up with the Lions

Lions RB Kevin Jones will start Sunday against the Bucs. You may remember Jones from his days at Virginia Tech, the guy can run. Can't wait for him to meet MLB Barrett Ruud

Rookie Lions WR Calvin aka "Megatron" Johnson should suit up for the Lions on Sunday. Just what you wanted to hear, right?