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Roy Williams to Jeff Garcia, Um Yeah... Tampa Bay Bucs-Detroit Lions Prelude

Don't look for Bucs QB Jeff Garcia and Lions WR Roy Williams to meet at mid field after the game Sunday to share chuckles and hand shakes. Lions WR Roy Williams put QB Jeff Garcia on blast this week on WDFN ESPN Radio. He went as far as to say Garcia blamed his teammates rather than own up to his mistakes. Checkout that portion of the interview below by pressing play:

It's kind of lame, after the fact, to call out your former QB publicly, but hey it makes for some good entertainment. It's a shame QB Jeff Garcia didn't hear this rant and get a chance to respond to it ....... Oh wait he did:

"As a quarterback, you're always shouldering the blame," he said. "I had no problem absorbing whatever it was that I had to absorb (at times) when we weren't able to win football games. We play this game as a team and everybody's responsible and everybody has to have accountability. That's where I felt that, at times, there wasn't a whole lot of accountability among everyone in that locker room" - Bucs Beat

"I can't force players to take their playbook home with them. I can't force players to get in the weight room. I can't force players to watch more film. That's up to each and every individual player" - Bucs Beat

Not exactly Jerry Springer, but a good spat none-the-less. Hopefully Garcia takes this to the field and disposes of it with 500 yards through the air, along with 6 touchdown passes, heh. Checkout my boy Sean's Detroit Lions Blog at, his blog provides excellent insider information. Be sure to go make fun of his Pizza Delivering Wide Receiver!!!!