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Fat Chance of RB Tiki Barber becoming a Tampa Bay Buccaneer

Soooo, Retired RB Tiki Barber was recently asked by his brother, CB Ronde Barber and their mother Geraldine to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. To that Tiki said, "I ain't gonna do it" - To that I say: Dang it. Tiki would have given this beat up offense a much needed jolt of electricity. It also would have been cool to see Tiki and Ronde playing together once again.

As it turns out, Tiki was the Retired Veteran the Bucs should have traded for in the off-season. Surely by the end of November, brother Ronde would have talked him onto the field. As it stands we're suiting up our 3rd string RB in Earnest Graham (who is receiving much deserved playing time).

It would be nice to see Tiki suit up in Pewter and Red, but at this point he's content with sitting on the sidelines. One can only hope he changes his mind. It would probably take a kings ransom to snatch him up from the Giants however...