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Gameday Thread: Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Tennessee Titans

Our Bucs take on the Tennessee Titans today at 1:00pm est time.

This is yet another w e a k little gameday thread. I'm on my cell phone travelin' from Orlando back home. Halloween Horror Nights was pretty entertaining ..... you should definitely make the trip, but invest in the express pass, we suffered by not doing it.

So apparently the Bucs feel they have enough RB depth as of right now as they released Rookie RB Kenneth Darby yesterday. They'll probably re-assign him to the Practice Squad if no other team claims him off waivers. They have promoted RB Lionel Gates in his place. Darby must have pissed somebody off in the organization or he had to of gained 50 pounds since the Pre-Season, because he looked pretty impressive in the Pre-Season and now he's being replaced by Lionel Gates, yuck!

Back to todays game ...... I wouldn't say its a MUST WIN Game, but its pretty dang important. Another loss would put us at (3-3) having lost two of the last three ball games. Our season would pretty much hang in the balance, our collective confidences would plummet and it doesn't get any easier after we play Tennessee.

I hope our defense is up for the challenge today. Although the Colts were/are a well oiled machine and running on all cylinders; it was fairly alarming that our Defense did NOT SHOW UP last weekend.

Go Bucs