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Bucs inquire about Retired RB Corey Dillion?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, specifically General Manager Bruce Allen, are looking into the possibility of signing Retired RB Corey Dillion, formerly of the Cheating Patriots and Criminal BangVille Bengals, reports Jim Flynn of the .

Come on Bruce, let an hour pass before you spit in the faces of Pittman and Graham. Geez us .... Why waste the resources on a RB who's probably not in playing shape, when you have two on the roster who are begging to be full time starters. The Bucs are also looking into promoting Rookie RB Kenneth Darby to the 53 man roster and are even contemplating a trade for a Running Back ..... Let's see what we have before we start throwing out buckets of cash to ageless veterans ..... P l e a s e