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What a Stretch of Games we have coming up

There's a tough, tough, TOUGH road ahead for the Bucs .... Not only do they not get the help of a much needed BYE Week, their next four games are against opponents with a combined record of: (11-3). We play the UNDEFEATED Colts this Sunday AT 4:05 Est Time in Indianapolis, then we head home to face the TITANS, then head out again to face Detroit, and then make it back home to play the Jaguars Defense ... Oh and then we play the Cardinals ......

A grueling stretch is ahead, but it will really determine what type of ball club we have. I know we have a solid ball club, but I'm not sure whether we can hang with the upper echelon of teams in the NFL. We're (3-1), but those wins came against struggling ball clubs in the Saints, Rams, and Panthers. Their combined record is (2-9), not exactly breaking the doors of competitive balance off the hinges are they? I do believe in the phrase "Any Given Sunday" so I'm not trying to diminish our wins by any stretch of the imagination, its just difficult to gauge how good of a team we have, when we play teams that are basically lost. Sunday is a huge test though and I can't wait to see the outcome .... Trueblood had a battle against Julius Peppers this past sunday and won with flying colors. New Left Tackle Donald Penn will have his hands full protecting Garcia's blindside from the highest paid Defensive End in the League, in Dwight Freeney. Good luck Brother