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Caddy and Gout lost for the Season ....... ARGH!!!

Sunday the Bucs lost Running Back Cadillac Williams and Left Tackle Luke Petitgout for the Season ...Dum Dum Dum ...... Both sustained knee injuries: For Cadillac it was a torn patellar tendon in his right knee, for Luke it was a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee - Bucs Beat. Call me Crazy, Insensitive, and just plain Naïve; but I think we're going to be alright.

Last season I would have said forget about it. Jeff Garcia can overcome this, Donald Penn, Petitgouts replacement on the line has looked amazingly good thus far through the season, and Pittman and Graham have looked like feature backs. I really am taken a back at how quick Michael Pittman looks this season and determined on top of that. Earnest Graham we know will get the job done. A lot of folks are speculating we've lost our back that can break one lose, but I guarantee Graham gets one before the seasons out.

If either of those guys go down ...... eh! It's really frustrating how many injuries this team and coaching staff have endured over the past couple seasons, since the Super Bowl really. We're gonna miss Caddy and Luke, but at this point I think we can weather that storm, we'll see. We're 3-1 its too difficult to be in a depressed state.