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Trofeo Tim, CHECK! Now on to Como

Thankfully Inter has successfully negotiated the murky waters of the Trofeo Tim. The win is nice (and helps with fragile player's egos) but that we came away unscathed from injury is the main...

Tropheo Tim... Sigh

Yep. Its that time of year again when Inter, Milan, and Juve travel down to Bari to participate in a meaningless round-robin tournament where invariably broad predictions will be made about the...

Look What We Got at the Market!


Looks like Marco Branca and company took a little trip to the football player market and brought home a couple beauties. And it isn't over yet. Just think what the next 48 hours may bring. First,...

Trofeo Tim, Triangular Tournament of Terror (or Insert T-Word of Choice Here)


Or something like that. I have to say, I dont really like this friendly at all. I think the triangular format is silly and just so not worth the risk to the players' health. They dont listen to...

The Supercoppa Italiana, Derby Style


For some reason, it feels way too early to be thinking about next season. Maybe it is because we have players still on vacation or that the summer market still has a month to go. I dont know. I...

Dublin Super Cup


As the summer grows longer the trials that Inter set up for their training program grows harder. We started this new journey with 2 Serie D sides and then rose the difficulty to Serie C – I still...

Carlos Tevez, Really?


Because that is the latest rumor. Today's spurious gossip and baseless rumors say that Manchester City have finally secured Kun Aguero making Carlos Tevez redundant. So where is an extra...

The Friendly Season is Upon Us: Mark Your Calendars!


Ok, so we've had a few games already, but they were with lower division/semi professional teams that were just a step up from a training scrimmage. Now we get to the real deal: friendlies against...

Marco Materazzi: A Bandieria Among Bandierie


After 10 years, 276 appearances, 20 goals, 5 Scudetti, 4 Coppe Italia, 4 Suppercoppe, a Champions League winners medal, and Club World Cup, Marco Materazzi has left F.C. Internazionale Milano. And...

Inter Tidbits and Tasty Morsels


Come on, dontcha want a little nibble? Besides this summer's telenovella comprising largely of Sneijder's will-he wont-he (we need at least one a year to keep fans on their toes), so far things...

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