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Jadeveon Clowney's Goal For 2014: Sack Andrew Luck


2014's first overall pick wants a piece of 2012's first overall pick. This is going to be good.

Manning And Wilson Could Have Been Texans


In a moment of absurdly late clarity, Corzo realizes the Texans had the chance to acquire both Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson-- the two quarterbacks squaring off in this year's Super Bowl.

Texans To Bring Three Kickers In For Tryout


The Texans will try out kickers Neil Rackers, Shayne Graham and Justin Medlock two days after Randy Bullock missed three out of four in loss to the Colts.

Adjusting Atlanta Falcons Draft Grades 2008-2012


How well have the Falcons drafted in the Thomas Dimitroff era?

Reactions To Texans' First Round Picks Revisited


It's about as understated, reasonable, and impervious to hindsight as you probably think. Maybe more.

SI redrafts the 2012 NFL rookie class


Revisionist history can be a lot of fun when you're laughing at the misery of others, which is why most Dolphins fans will get a kick out of the 2012 NFL redraft article Sports Illustrated writer...

Mel Kiper Re-Grades Saints 2012 NFL Draft


Draft guru Mel Kiper wasn't impressed with the Saints 2012 NFL Draft class when it was all said and done. One year later, he's even less impressed.


Hi my name is __________ and I'm a draftanalysis-o-holic

Hey AP this is my very first post so feel free to rec this if you like the topic. Also if any of you have the skinny on a Chiefs bar on the West side of LA, if such a thing exists, that would be...

2013 NFL Mock Draft: D.J. Fluker to Giants

Draft Tek selected right offensive tackle D.J. Fluker of Alabama for the Giants in the first round of its most recent 2013 NFL Mock Draft.


Not on the "Fire Gene Smith" Bandwagon.... yet.

I get it and understand that Gene may not be as good as we would like. I also feel, in some cases, ever since the Alualu pick, he is letting the fans influence his first round picks, and that has...

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