How Long Until We Get To .500? (With Poll)

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who's familiar with the history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers knows it isn't exactly known as a "winning franchise." In fact according to Pro Football Reference, our all time regular season record is an abysmal 233-362-1 (.392). That's good for dead last. Our next closest team is the Houston Texans with .411 but they've only been in existence for less than 15 years and expansion teams are suppose to be bad right? Well what about our success compared to the Seattle Seahawks? We came into the league the same year yet they boast a .492 record while only being ten games away from breaking even.

As Lovie Smith tries to right this ship, I wondered to myself how many seasons of success would it take for our record to climb to .500? Surely it's going to be a long (hopefully successful) journey but approximately how long?

I did some quick math to see how long it would take and here are my results

Not including playoff and Super Bowl victories here are the best case scenarios:

8+ consecutive 16-0 seasons

9+ consecutive 15-1 seasons

10+ consecutive 14-2 seasons

13+ consecutive 13-3 seasons

16+ consecutive 12-4 seasons

21+ consecutive 11-5 seasons

32+ consecutive 10-6 seasons

63+ consecutive 9-7 season

I personally think it'll take at least 25 years or so. 129 games is a lot ground to make up and that's including years where we finish with losing records as well. If you think this is depressing, at least we're not the Arizona Cardinals. Their record is .417 but due to their expansive history that's covering almost a century worth of games, they won't be reaching that goal in this century. Their record is 511-716-39 with a difference of almost 200 games. Surely we can climb out of our hole faster than they can...

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