What Buccaneer Will Have The Best Season (In Fantasy Football)?

Every year I tell myself not to do it but I do it anyway: draft someone from the Bucs just because they're my favorite team. I also had a rule of not drafting any Dolphins or Patriots players (I've since swallowed my pride and got rid of it) because of my sheer hatred for each team. This year it's going to happen again and I've been wondering which Buccaneer(s) will have the best season for the team?

I'm excited to see what this offense can do this year. It feels like we finally have some weapons to do some real damage on offense and that means points. Hopefully lots and lots of points! So when it comes to this season, who will help my / your team to victory this season? Let's look at the usual suspects:

1. Vincent Jackson - WR

This is the obvious selection as he's been our most consistent offensive weapon. Using Yahoo's standard scoring system, Jackson was the ranked 15th among wide receivers while being ranked 13th the year prior. I believe Jackson will be getting around 1300 yards with 11 TD's.

2. Doug Martin - RB

Had his season cut short due to injury last year. But despite poor play from our offensive line, back up running backs Mike James (while he lasted) and Bobby Rainey (at times) performed well. But we all know how well he did his rookie year. If he regains his form, Martin will undoubtedly put up solid numbers. His biggest hurdle though will be the running back by committee approach. We did draft Charles Sims in the third round which takes away from Martin. I have confidence that Martin will eclipse 1100 yards rushing / 200 yards receiving with 10 combined TD's.

3. Josh McCown - QB

This one depends on what kind of person you are. The optimists will be reminding people of McCown's performance last year with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffreys and how we have our clones in Jackson and Evans. The pessimists will be arguing that banking on an old journeyman to deliver that kind of performance again is rare. I choose to be an optimist. Besides, someone's got to be throwing all these touchdowns to our 6'5 Tampa Trio. Is 4000 yards, 35 TD's, 15 INTs too much?

4. Mike Evans - WR

We replace one Mike for another Mike. I believe Evans is just as talented as Williams, if not more. I'm sure a rookie wall will hit him but using his basketball skills and height, he could be a factor in the red zone which is all that matters. Maybe 800 yards and 9 TD's.

5. Austin Seferian-Jenkins - TE

I don't know much about him but this team has been sorely missing a TE since the ole days of Winslow. Timothy Wright was a pleasant surprise but with the signing of Brandon Myers and drafting of Seferian-Jenkins, it seems like Wright will be sliding down the depth chart a bit. I think he can manage 600 yards and 7 TD's.

Dark Horse Candidate:

1. Charles Sims - RB

I feel like 99.99% of Bucs fans were shocked when we drafted a RB in the third round when most of us felt like that was our strongest position. I guess LiLo loved Sims so much that we would make room for him. He seems destined to be our third down / change of pace back. Plus he's drawn comparison's to Matt Forte and that's not a bad guy to be compared to. Just saying.

In conclusion, the player I'm aiming to target in my fantasy draft is (Spoiler Alert): the Tampa Bay Defense. Yes I know I didn't mention or include this unit earlier in the list but how could I not want to draft them? Despite being handcuffed by ridiculous schemes and stunts, Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David put up All-Pro years. And now Lovie Smith wants to change things up and play to their strengths?! What?! Then we signed Michael Johnson. Yeah, he had an off year last year but so did Geno Atkins. Atkins took some pressure away from Johnson which allowed Johnson to get his sacks the year prior. Lovie's defense is known for their takeaways and turnovers which means points for fumbles, interceptions, and touchdowns. I feel like finding a consistent defense in fantasy football is hard which is why I'm choosing to pick them. What about you guys? What do you think? Am I crazy and delusional?

Yes. Yes I am. But for different reasons.

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