Quarterback Is Still An Option

"Mike Glennon is the Quarterback of the future." The words spoke by Lovie Smith tonight after we drafted Mike Evans. With those 8 words Smith put a smile on the face of many Bucs Fans (cough..Crackerball..cough..DCbucsfan..) and indigestion in the chest of others (cough...4QB...cough...DraftPhantom...) Well im here to tell you guys why i don't buy Lovie's Statement and i will also tell you what QBs are options for us.

Ill start off by pointing out that Lovie Smith hasn't exactly been upfront with the future of certain players. "I have big plans for Revis" = released " I am not gonna kick Mike Williams off this team" = Traded to Eastern Europe. For all we know 'Mike Glennon is the Quarterback of the future" really means "mike Glennon is the quarterback of the future until we replace him with our own QB' or "Mike Glennon is the QB of the future until Someone gives us a deal we are comfortable with." If Glennon is really the future Franchise QB for our Bucs then it makes no sense to have Mccown start over him this season. The whole point of sitting a rookie behind a Vet is to let him get acclimated to the speed of the NFL before he gets thrown to the Wolves but Glennon has Already Started 13 games. If hes not ready now then its highly unlikely that he will ever be. If your gonna hitch you career to Glennon then you let him start the season and if he fails you know you still have the time to find a new QB.

Now in the draft there are still plenty of QBs with starter potential the three guys we will probably here about the most during round two are Derrick Carr, Jimmy Garapolo, and AJ Mccaron. None of these guys are the QB i would personally take but they each have their own merit. Below are some links to articles written about them here on BucsNation

A sleeper pick in the second Round would be Tom Savage. The former Panther/Scarlett Knight does not have a lot of Tape on him but he is being Hyped up recently as having the biggest arm in the draft do not be surprised if he is the first quarterback off the board.

Now a fan favorite around here is Aaron Murray. This guy has been a 4 year starter in the SEC putting up top notch stats against pretty good defenses. hes a tough kid with pretty good accuracy. however he has two flaws. a noodle arm and poor measurables. Murray is a pick i wouldn't mind he reminds many of Drew Brees and who doesnt want that.

There is also Logan Thomas. No we are not drafting Logan Thomas.

And the last guy id like to point your attention to and my favorite quarterback left is David Fales. The Guy has good mechanics and is deadly accurate on short to medium throws. He does have trouble trying to force throws but i think it has to do with him trying to win the game himself (pop quiz can anybody besides DraftPhanton name a SanJose State Wideout?) He has been frequent Lauded for his work ethic and intelligence. He doesnt have Great size or Arm Strength but they are good enough for the Pro Level. He also Need to be more Consistent with his deep Ball Accuracy.

So theres that. My oppinion of the rest of the QB draft class that im sure is full of Grammer and Spelling Errors.(but i really dont care).if you managed to read the whole thing without getting lost in my poor paragraph structure congratulations ;)

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