Giving Glennon "a Shot"

Mike Glennon performed admirably for the Bucs last season. He was a third-round rookie thrust into the starting QB position after the guy in front of him flamed out. He managed to be reasonably productive despite being surrounded by a team plagued with injuries and having to operate in an offensive system that was tough, if not terrible. All in all, he managed to come out of the season with his dignity intact.

Fast forward to today, and Mike Glennon's been demoted to second string. Reports are out that he may be being shopped. Some fans have been crying foul, saying that he deserves to have a shot at the starting job. But those fans, in my opinion, are missing some key points.

First of all, when a regime change happens, some guys will probably get the short end of the stick. Not everything will seem to be "fair". What a player "deserves" after performing well for a completely different regime is close to irrelevant. The most important question asked is not "What did you for them?", but "What can you do for me?". Can Mike Glennon perform well in Coach Tedford's system?

We've taken a look at what kind of quarterback this regime seems to prefer. The most common traits of the guys that they've looked at and/ or signed are: (1) A quick release, (2) functional mobility and athleticism, and (3) a pretty strong arm. Mike Glennon hasn't consistently shown these abilities. Yet, this offense will likely be built around the premise that the QB at the helm is in possession of said traits. Mike Glennon having to come in could mean that the offense would have to undergo a somewhat dramatic change. At the end of the day, our Beaker doesn't seem to be a good fit here in Tampa.

So, what do you do here? You have a quarterback who played reasonably well for the circumstances, but, whether you think he could develop into a "franchise" QB or not, his skill set is likely no longer a fit here. Still, he "deserves" a shot, right? What do you do?

Well, you trade him. If he's not a fit in your system, he probably won't reach his potential. And if another team is willing to trade for him, that team's system will almost definitely be a good fit for him. This is how he gets the "shot" that you say he deserves. And you, the team, get something in exchange for him. It's probably the best for both sides. Shopping Glennon means that you can get the best deal for you, from a pool of suitors that should all be good fits for him.

The only one to suffer here is me.

I really like posting giraffe pictures.

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