NFL Draft Grades: Grading WR Robert Herron to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The Buccaneers capped off their all offense draft by adding an explosive athlete from Wyoming, Robert Herron.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected what should be their final prospect in the 2014 NFL Draft, and like all of the other picks before, it was an offensive player. Robert Herron, a blazingly quick receiver from Wyoming, was the final pick for the Bucs, who added four skill position players to their offense over the three days of the draft.

So how does the pick grade out?

Talent: B

If Herron is literally nothing else, he is incredibly fast. Chris Johnson fast. Calvin Johnson fast.

That's really, really quick.

Even with his relatively diminutive size (only 5'9", 193 pounds), Herron has pound-for-pound speed to compare to Mike Evans and Doug Martin.

He's not too small to take hits, however, and despite not being an ideal over-the-middle receiver, he's able to handle a few hits, according to CBS Sports.

The concern for Herron is his lack of ideal height at receiver, and unrefined route running ability.

Value: A

This pick is a steal. Most draft boards have Herron as a third or fourth round prospect, and the Buccaneers got him without a trade up in the sixth round.

He also fills a need for the Buccaneers as a speedy receiver on offense, as the Bucs "speed receiver" contingent has injury or ability concerns (Eric Page, Chris Owusu, Louis Murphy, etc).

As fans and writers, there is almost unanimous support for this selection, as most believe Herron is a better talent than most found in the sixth round.

Fit: A

Jeff Tedford. Speed in space. You've heard it so many times, it probably makes your ears bleed.

But Herron fits what Tedford wants perfectly, as he brings explosiveness in the open field, and home-run ability on screens and short passes. Getting the ball into Herron's hands will be a focus of the Buccaneers' offense, as he provides a steadier-handed version of speedster Jeff Demps.

Overall: A

This isn't to say that Herron is going to go on to be a Hall of Famer, but the value and fit of this pick is phenomenal. Any concerns Buccaneer fans had after the Charles Sims selection should be calmed after adding two versatile linemen in the fifth round and a steal of a wide receiver in the sixth.

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