Can the 49er's help the Bucs?

Its been a busy free agency for the Tampa Bay Bucs, acquiring roughly 20 players these past couple months. One thing mentioned from Lovie and Licht that this will be a new team, once they hit the field in 2014. Another phrase that we hear repeatedly is how the Bucs only have 5 draft picks this year. Licht and Lovie are looking for good fits, not necessarily the best player.

I personally believe that the Bucs (Licht) want more draft picks and that its a necessity for him to trade down in this years draft. So I have been trying to think of the best team for them to trade with and I personally believe its the San Francisco 49er's (#30 pick). Now lets be realistic, the value with that #30 pick compared too the #7 is night and day but lets look how much ammunition the 49er's have down below.

1. First round – No. 30 overall
2. Second round – No. 56 overall (from the Kansas City Chiefs)
3. Second round – No. 61 overall
4. Third round – No. 77 overall (from the Tennessee Titans)
5. Third round – No. 94 overall
6. Third round – No. 100 overall (compensatory)
7. Fourth round – No. 129 overall
8. Fifth round - No. 170 overall
9. Seventh round – No. 242 overall (from the New Orleans Saints)
10. Seventh round – No. 243 overall (from the Carolina Panthers)

11. Seventh round – No. 245 overall

Now as we all know the 49er's are one of the team's that has a lot of depth and has been constantly close of getting to the Superbowl for the past 3 years. This year there biggest need is WR and being in a division that has lock down corners they need a dominate wide receivers such as Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans. I can possibly see them loading a bunch of there picks such as swapping #1, acquire both #2, and a #4. This would allow Tampa to still acquire the guard position, WR, LB, TE, or whatever they feel is needed. We won't get the best players but good fits for our system that we can start right away or provide depth.

Yes there will be other trade down offers as well but I feel like 49er's is a team that may want to get a dynamic offensive player to compete in this years Superbowl.

Something different from a mock draft, please let me know what you think by commenting below.

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